Wired - Episode 17 of Obsessed

An interview by CNET from my shop in Richmond, California in 2018

Here is a video I did for the Lotus One project at Godrej in Mumbai, India in 2015. I spent six months there making things from the last batch of Godrej Prima manual typewriters. I made several other pieces: a few mandalas, a bird, all made from typewriter parts. Such a thrilling experience. Take some time and watch the whole thing. Make sure you watch in HD. Music by my friend Jay Haze.


"Schöne Neue Welt" Documentary on ZDF in Germany

                        Claus Kleber with sculpture Nude VI (Theia)
I appear in a documentary on ZDF Germany called "Schöne neue Welt", or Brave New World. I appear with my sculpture Nude VI (Theia) at 50:40 of the film. 

View it here

This is an interview with the Kitchen Sisters from NPR for their series for KQED San Francisco called "The Making of...". 

My interview is called "The Un-Making of a Typewriter". I had a great time with Nikki and Davia and the producer Nathan recording with them at my studio, then later on participating in their event for the show at the San Francisco Museum of Art. 



Here's the talk I did at TEDx GoldenGatePark at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco. 

Had a great time with an excellent group of people! 

This was the first TEDx filmed in stereoscopic 3D, which can be seen here in a variety of 3D viewing formats. It was shot by Golden Gate 3D and Area 5



A video by Peter Chang at Golden Gate 3D called "Deus ex Homine". It's a timelapse shot in 2D and 3D of the server room at Cisco, my studio, and scenes all over the San Francisco Bay Area. 

DEUS EX HOMINE - San Francisco 3D Moco Time-lapse by Golden Gate 3D from Peter H. Chang on Vimeo.



Link to a video by Make Magazine after Maker Faire 2012.